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Vote Like A Black Woman T-shirt

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Numbers dont lie.

"Black women are only about 7 percent of the population but tend to vote at higher rates than other groups, voting at or above 60 percent in the past five presidential cycles. They are also the Democratic Party’s most loyal voters: In 2016, 94 percent of black women voted for Democrat Hillary Clinton — the highest rate of any group, including black men and nearly double that of white women."- The Washington Post

"When Black women win victories, it's a boost for virtually every segment in society." ~ Angela Davis

This shirt is a statement piece, not only for voting but a larger call to action for our country to listen to Black Women. The #VoteLikeABlackWoman movement is now

Our #VoteLikeABlackWoman shirt is available in Black or White. Sizes range from X- Small to Double XL


Relaxed Fit

100% Cotton

Timing ~2-3 weeks (Result of ongoing Covid-19 impacts)


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