Originally from the Nation’s Capital, Ebony LikeDat Toliver now resides in Los Angeles.  For over five years she has not only performed all over the city doing stand up comedy, and has recently produced the LezBHonest Comedy show. Her production company, LikeDat productions, was created to provide a platform for all artists, all entertainers from marginalized groups, especially the LGBTQ community. 
There were early signs that Ebony was well suited for the entertainment industry. She won the school superlatives of “Best Dressed and “Class Clown”, hence the emphasis on fashion during her LezBHonest show. Also during her school years, she MC’ed for talent and fashion shows. Even then she had a natural talent for being on the stage and knack for engaging the crowds. Although there was so many signs pointing Ebony in the direction of performing and entertaining, she took to corporate America where she spent 10 years  in Marketing, Sales, and Business Development. In August 2018 an opportunity presented itself and Ebony had to take the leap. She bet on herself and with her faith and her support system she launched LikeDat Productions.
Ebony developed the LezBHonest brand to feature primarily black lesbians. As the producer of the show, her mission is to showcase the talent, stories and perspectives of black lesbian comics. In a nod to her former title as “Best Dressed” she also models the clothing of black, lesbian and queer designers and clothing brands during her shows. As a comic Ebony brings a unique perspective and insight to an array of topics. She tackles politics, marriage, lesbian stereotypes and shares hilarious stories based on her upbringing and family dynamics.  Former Women's basketball Division 1 point guard, Ebony went from lay up to stand up with amazing storytelling style that captures audiences every time.  

"If you want to go fast, go alone but if you want to go far, go with others."